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The Great Unwind: Enacting Things that Need to Be Done

Another recent report that I read said that 109.6 million Americans which translates to 35.4% of the population, live in households that receive benefits from one or more federally-funded Means-tested programs – also known as welfare. In 2012, there were 103 million full-time year-round workers in the United States, so therefore welfare recipients outnumbered full-time year-round workers by 6.5 million. We have more people on the dole than we have working, that’s sad. You look at the stats, and it’s just not good. When you have more people collecting than you have working, it’s really a tragedy.

The way they are referring to this new epidemic is called “Secular Stagnation.” Our country and economy is caught in a prolonged period of below-trend growth, and it may continue for several more years. In fact, much of it is the baby boomers who are retiring, because 76 million Americans are now retiring at a pace of 10,000 per day. There’s not as many younger folks coming in. That’s part of why the labor force participation rate is going to continue to decline.

I leave you on this note for some food for thought? How do we ignite the younger generations to go out there like our parents did before us, like I do every day, like most of you reading this blog are doing? I’m sure it can’t be answered in a day, a year, maybe even a decade, but if we continue to do the right thing maybe, just maybe we can be the role model someone needs to see.

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