July 18, 2016

An interesting aspect of the Brexit vote is how many voters didn’t even know what they were voting on. I mean, the number one Google search after the vote was “what is the eu”!

Clearly, many people are mad about global trade and myriad other issues, not just in England but elsewhere – including on American shores. And now they’re expressing that anger at the polls, in numbers big enough to win elections.

Where can it happen next? The United Kingdom was the second-largest member of the European Union. Who else could leave? Several other nations are rumored to be next. And if one goes, it could be the end of the EU.

Several reasons for leaving are in play, but two major ones are the EU’s poor response to the global financial crisis and its mismanagement of refugees displaced through Middle Eastern warfare.

We have some similar issues over here, don’t we? Maybe Europe and the United States aren’t that different after all.

It begs the question – are those advocating change part of The Unprotected anti-establishment trend? It’s clear that anger is at the root of formerly-marginal players on the political scene gaining massive amounts of followers.

Case in point – Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Sure, people knew them before this election cycle. But even a year ago it was unthinkable either could be viable players late into election season, much less a presumptive nominee!

The politics involved couldn’t be more disassociated. But supporters of Trump and Bernie, along with Exiters around the world, seem to have one thing in common – a strong distaste for business as usual.

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