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“I worked with other advisors for 10 years and got nowhere – I kept putting money in, but had no idea where it was going. With Dan, I know my money is protected. Now I can look forward to retirement. I always do my own research, but Dan’s advice just makes sense. I’ve recommended him to my friends.”

Toni & Gary Fry, Garnett Valley PA
“When we retired, Dan helped us with our company retirement plans and we have been very pleased. Dan has always been available to answer all of our questions regarding our finances. He checks with us frequently to see if any changes are necessary. We have referred Dan to others and would not hesitate to do so in the future!”
Alan & Kathy Edwards
Boothwyn, PA
“I have worked with Dan for several years. He handled my account when I retired from the phone company. Dan has always been there to answer any questions I had. If he didn’t know the answer, he would find someone who did. Dan has also worked with my brother and other members of my family. They have all been extremely pleased with his work as well. I have referred Dan in the past and would not hesitate to do so in the future!”
Larry Pascale
Aston, PA
"When we met Dan, we had invested a fair amount of money in the stock market and were considering moving a TSA account into the market as well. Dan cautioned us against doing that – telling us that we were gambling with our retirement. Dan presented another option, and well, years later, the money we had in the stock market plummeted. Meanwhile, the TSA account with Dan kept all of its principal and even increased when the market rebounded. Our only regret is that we didn’t meet Dan sooner so that all of our money could have been protected!”
Dominic & Eileen Pascale
Folsom, PA
"Linda and I were stressed about our finances. We kept waiting for everything to get better, but it only got worse. Since our first meeting with Dan, the stress is gone. We know where our money is and can watch it grow. We used to worry about outliving our money but we don’t anymore. Being one of Dan’s clients is like being part of a big family. He brings everyone together and you can tell he cares about each one of us personally.”
Daryl & Linda Lobach
Wilmington DE
“I used to worry about losing money – I’m just the type of person who wants safety and security rather than risk. Dan listened and did what was best for my goals. Now I never lose money!”
Alexa Murphy
West Chester, PA
In plain English, Dan explained the positives and negatives for our situation and let us make the right choice for our family – we didn’t feel any pressure. Working with Dan means you’ll always have your own personal financial expert in your corner. We used to worry about outliving our savings but not anymore.”
Harvey and Beverly Cohen
Broomall, PA
“Dan simplifies everything – the details are there, but it’s put into words we can understand. We always used to worry about outliving our savings, but not since we started working with him. We first saw Dan at a seminar and came to really appreciate his approach. He asks a lot of questions to make sure he understands your situation. The atmosphere is always relaxed, and there’s no pressure. You know that he cares about you – not like someone who works for a big firm.”
Elaine & Steve Gaines
Boothwyn, PA
“We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business, Merrill Lynch and Fidelity, and we felt like their advisors were more interested in themselves than in our financial future. We kept losing money. We never had a plan. Now that we’re with Dan we know he’s looking out for our best interests, and we never have to worry about where our money is coming from. Dan always takes the time to map out our options. We had a big decision to make whether to stick with a pension or take a lump sum payment and he clearly showed us both sides of the issue to help us make the right decision.”
Kathryn & Gary Herman
Springfield, PA
securing tomorrow's future today
The key to realizing your dreams for tomorrow is by starting to think about them today. Your financial security is our most important goal.