APRIL 8, 2024 @ 7PM

Retirement is an exciting time. You’ve worked hard for many years, and now you’re ready to travel, enjoy family, relax, and pursue hobbies. In order to make sure your financial future is set, there are many things to consider as you begin this new chapter of your life, and one of those is taxes. It’s crucial to understand how taxes factor into your retirement years. In this FREE online workshop, retirement specialist Dan Simon covers a wide range of topics, including types of risk, taxation of benefits, IRA/401k plans, changes from the Secure Act 2.0, and much more . This program is a must-see!

You will learn about…

Types of Risk

Taxation of Benefits

IRA/401k Plans

Secure Act 2.0 Changes

2024 Federal Tax Brackets


– and much more!

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