Expert retirement and financial guidance
to help find the perfect solution.

Almost everyone could benefit from assistance when it comes to their financial planning, retirement planning, and portfolio management. Transitions can be one of life’s most stressful and unpredictable periods – especially the transition from working life to retirement. Without a full comprehensive retirement plan, your financial future is left to uncertainty. With Dan White & Associates, we seek to provide the tools so that you can get all the education, advice, and assistance you will need to maximize what you have.

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Portfolio Management

Get started in three easy steps with our process:


Confidential Needs Analysis
Getting to know you

  • Establish Objectives
  • Calculate Income From All Sources
  • What Is Your Vision Of Retirement?
  • What Are Your Legacy Objectives?
  • Calculate Current & Projected Expenses

Retirement Blueprint
Designing your plan

  • Develop Income Plan
  • Develop Legacy Plan
  • Improve Investment Vehicles
  • Optimize Social Security

Putting your plan in place

  • Review Retirement Plan
  • Select Investments
  • Execute Legal Documents
  • Implement Financial Strategies

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