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Dan White's Radio Show: On the money

Dan White keeps listeners in the Philadelphia and Delaware Region up-to-date with the most pressing financial issues. With over 33 years of professional financial planning experience, Dan has a talent of explaining the complex issues in his weekly show.

Dan White is a featured speaker on WDEL 1150AM|101.7FM
The Rick Jensen show Wednesdays at 1:35 PM
On the Money show Sundays at 7:00 AM

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featured speakers

The SECURE Act & Challenges Facing Retirees w/ Special Guest, Ed Slott (June 26, 2022)

On the Money: Challenges Facing Retirees with Special Guest, Ed Slott (June 19, 2022)

On the Money: Medicare Planning with Special Guest, Mary Beth Franklin (February 6, 2022)
On the Money: Social Security Planning with special guest Mary Beth Franklin (January 30, 2022)
On the Money: Problems Facing Retirees Today with special guest, Dr. Wade Pfau (December 5, 2021)
On the Money: Solutions to the Problems Facing Retirees Today with special guest, Dr. Wade Pfau (December 12, 2021)
securing tomorrow's future today
The key to realizing your dreams for tomorrow is by starting to think about them today. Your financial security is our most important goal.
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