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Dan White is continuously featured on the news and in other media outlets, for his knowledge and expertise in the retirement planning industry. Check out some of Dan’s latest news features, his radio show episodes, and more below!

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At Daniel A. White & Associates, LLC we can help you with all your financial services, from building financial retirement plans to saving money for your golden years.

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Dan White keeps listeners in the Philadelphia and Delaware Region up-to-date with the most pressing financial issues. With over 33 years of professional financial planning experience, Dan has a talent of explaining the complex issues in his weekly show.

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"what you don't know about retirement Planning can hurt you"

His book takes readers through the retirement planning process with an easy-to-follow, well-rounded, and relatable approach.

In addition to providing helpful advice to readers, the book will benefit Granting Others Dreams (G.O.D.), a charity that seeks to restore hope by helping local individuals and families whom may have fallen on hard times.

securing tomorrow's future today
The key to realizing your dreams for tomorrow is by starting to think about them today. Your financial security is our most important goal.
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