March 11, 2019

|Daniel A. White

Three recent snapshots of America say different things. The disparity makes me chuckle, but it’s so fitting it isn’t funny.

A Gallup poll revealed 69 percent of respondents think they’ll be better off financially a year from now than they are right now. It’s the highest such reading in 16 years.

Also, half of the poll takers said they’re better off than a year ago. That’s the first time that’s happened since 2007, and only the eleventh time ever in 109 polls.

Now, a second Gallup poll indicates that most people think the economy is slowing down or in recession already. Only 41 percent of people think the economy is growing. Never mind the fact that the economy grew by more than 3 percent last year, which is the best result in more than a decade.

So, everyone thinks they’re better off, but at the same time, we’re in a recession?

Finally, a poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal says 63 percent of Americans think the country is headed down the wrong track, while 28 percent say the opposite.

Like him or not, there’s no doubt President Trump’s economic plans are producing good results.

So, how can there be such a discrepancy in polling results?

It seems simple – the mainstream media hates the president. Negativity reigns and it’s all his fault – despite more than two-thirds of Americans say they’re doing better.