Caitlin is a long-time leader in the social work industry. She has extensive experience working with individuals to help them to maximize their potential and meet their goals. At Dan White and Associates, she is the first smiling face you encounter, and ensures a pleasant time coordinating clients’ interactions with the staff in our home office.

Caitlin attended Edinboro University, majoring in Speech Language Pathology, and has spent most of her career working with people with developmental disabilities. She is a Delaware native, residing there still; though, with family ties originating near Pittsburgh, she developed a love for Steelers football. She is married to her husband, Dean, and they have two children, Maisie and Riker.

Caitlin is an avid baker who also loves true crime podcasts, DIY home projects, and reading. She spends most of her free time trying to burn off her kids’ ample stores of energy and enjoying books and wine with family and friends.

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