A Recipe for Disaster

Not many people will deny that this current presidential election cycle is wilder than most. And I’m not just talking about the number of candidates and their varied backgrounds, but also about the violence unfolding at rallies around the country.  To say there’s unrest is an understatement. But why is it happening? While I’m borrowing the …

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This post’s title might make you think I’m losing my sanity or living in a fantasy world. I assure you, I’m not. ZIRP and NIRP aren’t imaginary goblins, though they can be scary. They’re monetary policies, and they’re in effect around the world. A ZIRP, or Zero Interest Rate Policy, is an aggressive policy aimed at stimulating …

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Investing Misconceptions Demystified

A November 2015 survey on investment performance and risk revealed that many of us hold misguided or even wholly incorrect views on investing. TIAA-CREF’s survey included 1,000 investors and highlighted three glaring misconceptions: Focus on the short-term When choosing investments, 47 percent of respondents said the one-year return was their key decision criterion. Even more people (52 …

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covid-19 update

We want to let you know we’re keeping things clean and being cautious.

We have adopted the following procedures for all meetings at our office, including the appointment we have scheduled with you:

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