Airlines Creeping Back, But It’s a Long Haul

February 8, 2021 Many people travelled over the holiday period, prompting a rebound in U.S. air traffic. Looking at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint crossings on a year-over-year basis, after initially dropping by more than 90 percent during the spring, traffic rebounded. In fact, the decline in passengers incrementally improved to where checkpoint crossings were …

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Not Enough Paychecks Protected

January 25, 2021 We’ve discussed how the big corporate fish are getting bigger and the gruesome reality that this pandemic is unleashing for small businesses. A recent National Restaurant Association survey further quantifies the freefall. It revealed how nearly 110,000 restaurants – or about one in every six establishments – have closed their doors nationwide. …

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Taxes Rain Pain on Everyone

January 4, 2021 President-elect Joseph Biden’s tax initiatives, while not law yet, could do tremendous economic damage. A slew of new taxes may be unleashed, including nearly doubling the top capital gains tax, from 23.8 percent to 43.4 percent. While the Biden team insists its tax increases will apply only to high earners, the truth …

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