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The Holiday Travel Crisis

December 6, 2021 Recently, the busy travel period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day kicked off. But the airline industry is facing a big issue

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The Ticking Taper Clock

November 22, 2021 The Federal Reserve should begin scaling back some of its extraordinary pandemic stimulus measures soon. It has foreshadowed a sunset on its

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What is “Infrastructure”?

November 8, 2021 Unsurprisingly, the infrastructure bill boondoggle remains stuck. The Build Back Better Act is 2,466 pages long and aims to expand our social

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A Costlier Christmas

November 1, 2021 Come Christmas, I wouldn’t be surprised to see gas around $5 per gallon and oil at 20 times that – $100 per

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The Car Market is Insane

September 27, 2021 This is a terrible time to buy a car. Not only are dealer inventories low, prices for new and used vehicles are

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From Hypergrowth to No Growth

September 20, 2021 I’m not sure I want to know what would happen if the world, the global economy, businesses, stock markets, governments, and everything

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