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Job Market on Fire

February 14, 2022 Choose any metric you’d like, it’s clear the U.S. job market is strong and getting stronger. The pandemic introduced a new set

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The IRS is a Mess

February 7, 2022 The IRS had a terrible 2021 and this year looks even worse. Millions of people experienced unusually long processing times last year.

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A Possible Snap Back Ahead

January 31, 2022 A bullwhip effect may be coming to the U.S. economy. I’m talking about the full Indiana Jones whip crack treatment. In economic

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User Error Can Be Costly

January 17, 2022 Beginning in the 1990s, DALBAR Inc.’s Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior (QAIB) report is an annual report on individual investor behavior. It

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Help Wanted Signs Everywhere

December 13, 2021 Take a look across the country. Almost everywhere, including Amazon, Starbucks, UPS, IBM, and many more, there is a labor shortage along

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