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The Outlier Year’s Outliers

February 1, 2021 For many reasons, 2020 won’t soon be forgotten. But it stood out in history because five events occurred that we’ve never encountered

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Not Enough Paychecks Protected

January 25, 2021 We’ve discussed how the big corporate fish are getting bigger and the gruesome reality that this pandemic is unleashing for small businesses.

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Taxes Rain Pain on Everyone

January 4, 2021 President-elect Joseph Biden’s tax initiatives, while not law yet, could do tremendous economic damage. A slew of new taxes may be unleashed,

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A Tale of Two Senates

December 7, 2020 Joe Biden is going to be the president, and a lot of what I read indicates he could well enter office as

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Big Fish Get Bigger

November 23, 2020 COVID-19 unleashed a tsunami of destruction. Whole industries are transforming, and some are being wiped out altogether. The industry that’s perhaps been

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Unwelcome Signs of the Times

November 16, 2020 The lingering pandemic is having profound negative effects. Consider how job loss and other financial stresses often affect a person’s ability to

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