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From Hypergrowth to No Growth

September 20, 2021 I’m not sure I want to know what would happen if the world, the global economy, businesses, stock markets, governments, and everything

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Don’t Believe TINA

August 23, 2021 Today’s market often elicits the acronym TINA – there is no alternative – as in there is no alternative to stocks if

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The Case for Health Savings Accounts

August 16, 2021 According to Fidelity, a 65-year-old, opposite-gendered couple retiring this year can expect to spend $300,000 in healthcare and medical expenses throughout retirement.

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Unemployment Benefit Poker

July 26, 2021 A group of 21 state governors, all Republicans, have decided to do something about labor woes. This group, which could grow larger,

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Three Steps to Inflation

July 19, 2021 There’s a threat coming for your portfolio – inflation. Inflation hampers those who live on savings and generate income from wealth. If

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The Modernity of Money

July 12, 2021 Maybe you’ve heard of modern monetary theory. Basically, it argues that developed nations with their own sovereign currencies should be able to

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Endless Debt

July 6, 2021 It’s time to discuss a question I’ve been asking for 40 years – when will our national debt create a financial crisis?

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