Daniel White

Daniel White

Restrictions, Lack of Support Killing Businesses Nationwide

December 21, 2020 According to Yelp’s most recent economic impact report, more than 163,000 U.S. businesses have shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year. That’s bad, but it gets worse. Yelp also reports 98,000, or 60 percent, of those businesses are gone permanently: The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) …

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A Tale of Two Senates

December 7, 2020 Joe Biden is going to be the president, and a lot of what I read indicates he could well enter office as the weakest president since Jimmy Carter. Now, presuming the Senate stays Republican (which is not a given because of two January runoff races in Georgia), President Biden will have won …

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Big Fish Get Bigger

November 23, 2020 COVID-19 unleashed a tsunami of destruction. Whole industries are transforming, and some are being wiped out altogether. The industry that’s perhaps been damaged most by the pandemic is the restaurant business. It’s been gutted. According to Yelp and the Wall Street Journal, almost 22,000 restaurants closed their doors forever from March 1-September …

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14 Years to Get There

As I’ve said before, predictions of a strong economic rebound are far too optimistic. In May we received a jobs report showing a whopping 2.5 million new jobs created and an unemployment rate that dipped to 13.3 percent. This set off a wave of optimism pointing towards growth in the second half of 2020. But as …

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