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A Tale of Two Americas

It’s an odd time here in the U.S. Why? Conflicting signals from the American populace. It seems it’s sunny skies and stormy weather at the same time! On one hand, our economy seems to be picking up. After all, the Consumer Confidence Index recently climbed to 94.5 and the Consumer Sentiment Index hit 86.9. Both of these measures are at their highest levels since 2007 – and that’s important because consumer spending accounts for 70% of our gross domestic product.

Lower gas prices and an increase in jobs (of the seasonal variety) seem to be driving consumers’ good feelings about our economy. The thinking goes that since Americans are spending less on gas and working more, they have more money to spend on stuff. Throw in the fact that the stock market is achieving record gains and it would seem all is well and everybody’s winning.


Multiple polls (CNNNBC, and ABC to name a few) indicate Americans overwhelmingly feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. The gist is that almost everyone thinks the government is incapable of working effectively. 

Can you blame them?

Recently we’ve had historic Congressional disapproval ratings, immigration issues, national security screw-ups, veterans not getting health care they deserve, White House intruders, Ebola on our shores…the list goes on.

So which is it? Is America rebounding or on the path to Doomsday? 

The polls indicate the answer is “yes.”

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