December 27, 2021

To end the year, let’s take a look at America and the concerns of its citizens.

In a recent poll, Americans were asked about their top worries and the answers were sorted by political party. I thought most people would worry about the same things. Well, it turns out that people of different political persuasions don’t have the same worries.

The overall top worry, according to 28% of all respondents, was COVID-19. Next was rising prices of food and gasoline at 27%. Paying bills and making ends meet followed at 25%. And rounding out the top four at 24% was rising prices in general. Clearly rising prices are a big deal for most Americans.

When looking by political party, things change a bit.

The overall worry for Democrats was COVID-19, at 36%. Next was climate change at 28%. Then came paying bills and making ends meet at 23%. Lastly, at 20% was rising prices of food and gasoline.

The standout worry here is climate change. But that’s not necessarily a surprise among Democrats.

Looking at Republicans, the top worry at 36% was rising prices of food and gasoline. Second was immigration at the southern border at 31%. Rising prices in general was next at 26%. Finally, it was paying bills and making ends meet at 22%.

Republicans prioritize prices. The outliers here relative to Democrats are the inclusion of immigration and the absence of COVID-19.

For independents, the top worry is rising prices in general at 27%. Second and third are rising prices of food and gasoline, and paying bills and making ends meet, both at 26%. And fourth at 23% was COVID-19. For these Americans, worries about rising prices and inflation are dominant.

The common thread, regardless of politics, is inflation. Since consumer prices are up the most in more than 30 years and look to be trending higher, it’s not a surprise.

This is presenting a problem for President Biden, who said inflation was temporary. But that posture seems to be shifting, maybe as a response to his dwindling approval ratings.

Perhaps 2022 will bring better fortunes for him. Hopefully it provides you and yours with health and happiness in abundance (less inflation would be good too).

Thank you, as always, for reading, and Happy New Year!