Month: July 2021

Unemployment Benefit Poker

July 26, 2021 A group of 21 state governors, all Republicans, have decided to do something about labor woes. This group, which could grow larger, decided to stop participating in the federal government supplemental Unemployment Benefits Program, which provides an extra $300 a week to the jobless. The governors claim the payments disincentivized workers to …

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Three Steps to Inflation

July 19, 2021 There’s a threat coming for your portfolio – inflation. Inflation hampers those who live on savings and generate income from wealth. If you planned to earn a certain amount of money per year from investments, that same amount is now worth less. For years, when governments were printing money, low interest rates …

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The Modernity of Money

July 12, 2021 Maybe you’ve heard of modern monetary theory. Basically, it argues that developed nations with their own sovereign currencies should be able to print as much money as they want, and federal deficits, however large, should not matter. In other words, if you have your own currency, you can print as much fiat …

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Endless Debt

July 6, 2021 It’s time to discuss a question I’ve been asking for 40 years – when will our national debt create a financial crisis? This topic became interesting to me when Ronald Reagan was president because I was a big Reagan supporter. That is, I was a supporter until he began running annual budget …

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covid-19 update

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