Month: November 2020

Big Fish Get Bigger

November 23, 2020 COVID-19 unleashed a tsunami of destruction. Whole industries are transforming, and some are being wiped out altogether. The industry that’s perhaps been damaged most by the pandemic is the restaurant business. It’s been gutted. According to Yelp and the Wall Street Journal, almost 22,000 restaurants closed their doors forever from March 1-September …

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Unwelcome Signs of the Times

November 16, 2020 The lingering pandemic is having profound negative effects. Consider how job loss and other financial stresses often affect a person’s ability to pay rent. Despite generous stimulus and government support minimizing the problem for a while, it appears things are starting to get worse. September data revealed metro areas with the biggest …

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covid-19 update

We want to let you know we’re keeping things clean and being cautious.

We have adopted the following procedures for all meetings at our office, including the appointment we have scheduled with you:

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