Month: April 2020

COVID-19 Infecting Economic Supply and Demand

April 27, 2020 There’s an obvious, yet profound, concept that explains why the economy is in danger. It is this – one person’s spending is another person’s income. This relationship is the essence of the $87 trillion global economy. The interplay between spending, income, consumption, and production is the core of capitalist economics. Government industry …

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An American Sob Story

April 13, 2020 In a crisis, everything is stress-tested. That includes business models. Companies thought to be large enough to handle anything are being stretched to their limits. The COVID-19 crisis is illuminating the value of preparation and the steep costs of not preparing. I bring this up because the airline industry, specifically American Airlines, …

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Hope Amongst Volatility

April 6, 2020 I want to take a slightly positive viewpoint on this post because, despite the COVID-19 crisis, investors do have a reason to be hopeful. Last month saw the market’s worst trading day since 1987, featuring a 12 percent drop in the S&P 500 index. Given the increased volatility we’ve been experiencing for …

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covid-19 update

We want to let you know we’re keeping things clean and being cautious.

We have adopted the following procedures for all meetings at our office, including the appointment we have scheduled with you:

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