Month: October 2017

Tax Tweaks Needed, Even if Full Reform Improbable

October 23, 2017 We’ve heard a lot about President Trump’s upcoming tax reform plans, including slashing business taxes. And while broad reform may be difficult, if not impossible, there are some attainable wins. For instance, high corporate taxes hurt everyone and should be cut. The costs are obvious for organizations, but there’s also a bottom line cost to …

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2000, version 2.0?

October 9, 2017 The technical indicators of the stock market are reaching crazy levels. In nearly three years, six tech stocks – Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Apple and Microsoft – have seen their weighted average price-to-earnings ratios increase 50 percent. Between January 2015 and August 2017, these six stocks’ collective market capitalization accounted for 40 percent of …

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covid-19 update

We want to let you know we’re keeping things clean and being cautious.

We have adopted the following procedures for all meetings at our office, including the appointment we have scheduled with you:

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