Month: February 2016

Recession Ahead?

February 8, 2016 The case for a 2016 global recession is strengthening. Economic patterns and data indicate weakness worldwide. European troubles, not to mention our own domestic issues, could shoot the global economy downward. The European debt crisis has been a big issue, and quite frankly, a mess. The central bank has done lots of quantitative …

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Economic Fiction

February 1, 2016 “Anyone claiming America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” – President Barack Obama, Jan. 12, 2016.  My readers can now refer to me as a fiction writer then because despite the president’s assertion, the data and several analysts (armchair and otherwise) disagree.  A few cases in point… When I got into financial …

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covid-19 update

We want to let you know we’re keeping things clean and being cautious.

We have adopted the following procedures for all meetings at our office, including the appointment we have scheduled with you:

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