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Dan White & Associates was founded in 1987, specializing in retirement and financial planning. We focus on addressing the distinctive financial needs of those nearing retirement and those who have already retired. Today, Dan White & Associates houses five financial professionals between our two offices located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania and Middletown, Delaware. Within our offices, we proudly service over a thousand clients across four states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

Our main priority is getting a clear understanding of each client’s unique situation, by using a comprehensive questionnaire to aid us. Having full knowledge of our client’s situation ensures that we can better inform them about all of the possible financial strategies available to them. Next, we construct a plan together that will give our clients a clear path toward a safe and secure retirement. At our firm, we take a different approach than most advisors by priding ourselves in the educational aspect of retirement planning.
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At Dan White & Associates  we conduct informational seminars for our community. These events cover a variety of financial topics that are focused on educating and coaching you to make the right financial decisions for your future. Check out a full calendar of our upcoming events.

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As a member of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group℠, Dan White trains with Ed Slott and his team of IRA Experts on a continuous basis. All members of Ed Slott’s Elite Advisor Group pass a background check, complete requisite training, attend semi-annual workshops and webinars, and complete mandatory exams.
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Almost everyone could benefit from assistance when it comes to their financial planning, retirement planning, and portfolio management. Transitions can be one of life’s most stressful and unpredictable periods – especially the transition from working life to retirement. Without a full comprehensive retirement plan, your financial security is left to uncertainty. With Dan White & Associates, rest assured you can get all the education, advice, and assistance you will need to maximize what you have.

dan white's radio show - on the money

Dan White keeps listeners in the Philadelphia and Delaware Region up-to-date with the most pressing financial issues. With over 33 years of professional financial planning experience, Dan has a talent of explaining many complex issues in his weekly show.

101.7 FM | 1150 am
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what you don't know about retirement Planning can hurt you

His book takes readers through the retirement planning process with an easy-to-follow, well-rounded, and relatable approach.

The SECURE Act 2022
Foreword written by Ed Slott, CPA, President and Founder of Ed Slott and Company, LLC and Professor of Practice at The American College of Financial Services.

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