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Renter Nation

28 Sep

Is the American Dream of home ownership alive and well? A recent census report suggests it’s not. 63.4% of Americans own homes, which is the lowest rate since 1967. The data show that people are now renting more than buying. We’re becoming a nation of renters. Consider that more people ages 18-34 live at home with their [...]

The Great Unwind: Enacting Things that Need to Be Done

10 Nov

Another recent report that I read said that 109.6 million Americans which translates to 35.4% of the population, live in households that receive benefits from one or more federally-funded Means-tested programs – also known as welfare. In 2012, there were 103 million full-time year-round workers in the United States, so therefore welfare recipients outnumbered full-time [...]

A sandwich that’s tough to swallow

3 Jun

These days I see more and more couples who have become part of what some are calling the “sandwich generation”: those who are supporting adult children as well as their own elderly parents. In this economy, it’s happening more and more frequently. Needless to say, that kind of double-barreled financial burden can place a strain [...]

Tales of the sandwich generation

25 Mar

Many baby boomers find themselves in a rather uncomfortable financial position. Just when they were planning to arrive at retirement—their finish line—many have stepped in to help a struggling parent, adult child, or both. While these situations are never ideal, smart boomers are coming up with some creative ways to make the most of the [...]

Hurricanes and homeowners

3 Jan

We all watched with horror as Hurricane Sandy tore into the East Coast, doing particular damage to the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. One of the most important silver linings that we can all take away from this tragic event is to learn from it—to use it to remind ourselves of [...]

Estate tax blues

10 Dec

The next few weeks could be an important time for those trying to make important strategic decisions about how to allocate their assets and protect their estate. Time is running out on the federal tax exemption on estates and gifts: on January 1st, 2013, the exemption level is scheduled to be rolled back from $5.12 [...]

Cliff Ahead

6 Nov

With the looming potential of a much-discussed “fiscal cliff” set to impact the nation in 2013, there are a number of issues that investors need to be thinking about with regard to getting their financial affairs in order (absent a last-minute political compromise). Recently I had an opportunity to write a piece for the Delaware [...]

Family matters

4 Jun

With a multitude of resources and plenty of advice out there about how and when to retire, there’s still an gap when it comes to making a decision that—while it may feel like a very personal one—must involve the ones you love. While the financial aspects of your retirement planning are obviously of paramount importance, [...]

Taking steps to make your money last

21 May

With an economic landscape that is as rocky as it has been in recent memory, retirees and pre-retirees are being forced to make some tough financial decisions and lifestyle choices. For many, that means making less money go further. While that can be a daunting task, here are some tips and suggestions to help seniors [...]

The Right Time for a House Call?

24 Jun

Nationally, the number of foreclosures in May reached the lowest point in three years. That’s not necessarily the sign of a recovering marketplace, however, as industry analysts and observers explain that that low number almost certainly indicates a backlog of defaults waiting to be processed. But lost in all the angst about the rough state [...]