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Despite its Faults, the U.S. Still Leads the Way

24 Apr

The U.S. isn’t perfect – no country is. We have our issues at home and abroad. That said, some would have you think we’re in decline. But for all its imperfections, our country continues to dominate the global economy by a wide margin. Exhibit A is the fact that the U.S. accounted for 24.3 percent [...]

The Untold Story of the Income Gap

17 Apr

So much of the talk lately is about the income gap – that incomes for the rich are rising much faster than for the poor. Well, wages have risen fast for the top 1 percent of earners for decades. It’s the haves vs. the have nots playing out in chart form:   However, a new [...]

Sentiment vs. Technicals

10 Apr

We’re not supposed to discuss politics at parties. Well, we may want to exclude politics from our investments too. The fact is, markets have performed much better under Democratic presidents than Republican ones. That seems to defy conventional thinking because Republicans are often thought of as pro-business, while Democrats are seen as proponents of labor [...]

Leaving the Stock Market Party? No Need to Rush

3 Apr

The stock market continues to rise. We’re hitting records regularly in this long-running bull market. But at some point, the party will end. And when it does, many portfolios could tumble. It begs the question – when is it time to get out? It’s similar to when you’re at a great New Year’s Eve party. [...]

A Seismic Financial Regulation Shift is on the Horizon

27 Mar

We hear quite a bit about the Supreme Court and President Trump’s potential affect on it. Beyond nominating Justice Neil Gorsuch, the president could end up nominating more, especially if he wins a second term. But there’s another venerable institution that could be hugely impacted by President Trump – the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. [...]

In Every Border Battle, There are Winners and Losers

20 Mar

One of the most controversial parts of President Trump’s proposed economic policy platform is his plan for the border adjustment tax. You’ve probably heard about it – he wants to add additional tariffs on all imports to the U.S. If nothing more, it follows his “America First” economic philosophy. After all, we want to be [...]

Is it Time to “Sell High?”

13 Mar

The stock market has been delivering outstanding returns for a number of years now, despite some evidence that gains aren’t rooted in solid business fundamentals. I think the writing is on the wall for a correction, but I’ve thought that for a long time and it isn’t happening! Still, the fact remains that stocks are [...]

Curb Your Market Enthusiasm

6 Mar

President Trump’s first 30 days in office ushered in the biggest market returns under any president in more than 100 years. During that month, the Dow Jones Industrial Average made its largest gains since President Taft’s first 30 days in 1909. Now, I realize the president doesn’t directly impact the stock market. But the current [...]

Population Growth as Economic Stimulus?

27 Feb

We’ve all heard about the troubles with the Social Security program. From it being underfunded to fears of its insolvency, it’s clear there are issues that need to be addressed. Here’s an idea to improve things – we need more babies. The Center for Disease Control indicates the American fertility rate is down to 62.3 [...]

Americans Age 60+ Carry $66.7 Billion in Student Debt

20 Feb

When you think of retirement, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? No more rush hour, sleeping in, golf during the week, travel and…I bet I know what doesn’t come to mind – student debt. But people 65-years-old and older are the fastest growing segment of federal student loan debt holders in the U.S. [...]