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THREE’S A CHARM: A perfect world for the future retiree

22 Sep

More and more of my clients are coming to me before retirement to come up with a liquidation strategy. They don’t want to take anything out of their tax-free or tax-deferred account – and that is a HUGE mistake! They aren’t using what the government is giving them. They aren’t using their personal exemptions and [...]

The annuity option

14 Jul

In my last post, I discussed the dangers of letting a low-interest environment prompt you to risk your savings in a volatile and likely overpriced stock market. Fortunately, there are options available beyond simply sticking your money in the bank for a miserably small return or exposing yourself to unnecessary market risk. One in particular, [...]

Shiller P/E ratio perspective

17 Mar

The Shiller P/E ratio is a tool that you hear a lot of market watchers and analysts talk about and rely on, but for the average investors, it can be tough to figure out exactly what it is and what a high or a low Shiller P/E ratio means for them. The Shiller P/E ratio [...]

Mutual fund secrets

16 Dec

I recently read a fascinating report entitled: “The secret that mutual fund companies don’t want you to know” that outlined some of the issues surrounding a statistic known as “drawdown”. Essentially, drawdown is a number that measures the percentage drop from a fund’s investment high to its investment low. The problem is that mutual fund [...]

The Seven Habits of Highly Competent Retirees (Part 2)

14 Oct

In my previous post, I talked about the first four habits of highly effective retirees: maxing out savings plans, boosting contributions, estimating retirement income and periodically reviewing your savings and investment strategy. Here are the final three traits and strategies that all successful retiree share: Change the investment mix. The reality is, your personal and [...]

The Seven Habits of Highly Competent Retirees (Part 1)

7 Oct

One of my recent radio shows discussed the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Retirees”. I’ve narrowed these down to the basic traits and strategies that all successful retirement savers and investors share. Over the course of my next two blog posts, I’ll be sharing exactly what those seven habits are, and why they are important. [...]

Retirement savings strategies

12 Aug

I recently had the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about the best retirement savings strategies in an up-and-down economy in the Delaware County Times. The piece, entitled Having the right savings strategy critical today, appeared on Thursday, July 11: ( While I encourage anyone who is interested to read the whole article, here [...]

Bullish on annuities

8 Jul

I recently had the privilege of appearing on The Savvy Investor, a weekly syndicated half-hour financial advice program hosted by Mike Canet. I had a great time talking to Mike, and the show gave me an opportunity to touch on a range of issues that I feel are going to be of interest to investors [...]

Sequence of inflation

1 Jul

Most experts and analysts agree that we are likely approaching a new period of inflationary growth. One of the problems with this as it relates to retirement savings is that people frequently use a 3% rate of inflation to calculate their long-term retirement strategies. The reality is that, historically speaking, this is very low. In [...]

Say goodbye to the 4% rule

22 Apr

No matter what the specifics of your retirement planning and savings strategy, no matter what kind of investments you make and how much you decide to sock away, there is really only big question that needs to be answered: will it be enough? That’s what everyone fundamentally wants to know. Am I saving enough? Will [...]