Archive | May, 2017

Watch Out for the Growing Student Loan Bubble

22 May

The amount of student loan debt in this country is approaching crisis levels. In fact, student loans could very well be the next big bubble to burst. While we’re right to praise the merits of education and the value of learning, it’s smart to ask – what about the cost? The total amount of student [...]

What’s to come of Health Care?

15 May

We’re about four months into President Trump’s first term and Obamacare lingers. But for how long? The president says the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare’s official name) will collapse on its own, that it’s a terminally ill patient with limited time who was declined treatment by Congress. Now, most people aren’t on Obamacare plans. Those who [...]

Retail’s New Pricing Battle

8 May

Not only are we losing retailers at an amazing clip, but it seems free market pricing is going by the wayside too. That’s because online retailers are using our data against us. Where consumers would use the web to compare prices between companies, web vs. brick-and-mortar stores and so on, now online retailers are shopping [...]

Brick-and-Mortar Stores in U.S. Closing Rapidly

1 May

News about the retail industry tends to crop up around the holidays, but if you look around, you’ll notice there is a lot going on with retail stores across the country – as in, a lot of them are closing. Almost 3,000 store closings have been announced so far this year, and we’re already outpacing [...]