Archive | October, 2016

Data Defies Returns

24 Oct

I’ve said it before – twice actually – but I must ask again. Why is the market going up and up when the hard economic data indicates that the economy should be in or near a recession? Considering the following, the returns become even more unbelievable. For instance, private sector GDP is up a shade [...]

Start-Up Fizzle

17 Oct

There’s been a dramatic decline in U.S. new business creation – in fact, it’s at a 40-year low! A big reason we should all care is that startups create half of all new jobs annually. If these job-creating enterprises don’t materialize regularly, the logical result is fewer and fewer new jobs. Slightly fewer than 453,000 [...]

Men Leaving Labor Force in Droves

10 Oct

Here’s a surprising and disheartening statistic – men aged 25 to 54 currently have the lowest labor force participation rate than at any time since 1940. That’s when the Great Depression was ending! That runs counter to what we hear – that unemployment is under 5 percent and we’re nearing full employment. But the truth is altogether [...]

Running Out of Room

3 Oct

Imagine that a politician came up to you, shook your hand and said the income from your retirement plan was subject to a 50 percent tax, due immediately. Among other things, you’d question his or her sanity! Well, you guessed it, that chop in half is exactly what the Federal Reserve did by effectively gutting [...]