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Obama Striking Out on Growth, Jobs

26 Sep

Over the course of modern American economic history, every president has presided over a year’s worth of 3 percent GDP growth while in office. That means even the worst presidents in the modern era had at least one year of 3 percent growth. But not President Obama. Barring a large and unexpected growth upswing, President Obama [...]

Insider Fading

19 Sep

Last month – Aug. 11 to be precise – the Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ all closed at record highs. That hasn’t happened since Dec. 31, 1999. About three months later in early 2000, we entered a rather harmful bear market. In fact, it was one of the worst in history – perhaps you’ve heard [...]

Economic Polarity Abounds in 2016 Election

12 Sep

The 2016 presidential election presents a fork in the road economically. On the left, we have Hillary Clinton. On the right, Donald Trump. We know that regulations hinder economic growth , and have no doubt, the regulatory scenery will vary greatly depending on which road we take. Hillary Avenue on the left features several tax hikes, especially for [...]

Regulatory Shackles Hindering Our Economy

5 Sep

Government over-regulation at all levels hurts economic development. And since the president can enact regulations with the stroke of a pen, it makes the current crop of candidates’ views on regulatory policy hugely important. To give an idea of the potential impact, consider that President Obama has issued the most major regulations of any U.S. president, [...]