Archive | June, 2016

U.S. Job Growth is High Quantity, Low Quality

20 Jun

Our leaders in Washington, D.C., are rather enamored with the unemployment rate. As it hovers around 5 percent, the political class celebrates. But there are millions of Americans who feel otherwise. While Washington touts the quantity of jobs, much of America is fed up with the low-quality, low-paying jobs that are fueling our “comeback.” The April [...]

Life on the Financial Edge

13 Jun

According to a Federal Reserve report, 47 percent of Americans wouldn’t be able to cover an unexpected $400 expense without borrowing money or selling something they own! That saddens me as a financial planning professional. It also scares me as an American because nearly half the country is living life on a very fine financial [...]

A Recipe for Disaster

6 Jun

Not many people will deny that this current presidential election cycle is wilder than most. And I’m not just talking about the number of candidates and their varied backgrounds, but also about the violence unfolding at rallies around the country.  To say there’s unrest is an understatement. But why is it happening? While I’m borrowing the [...]

Why are Americans Working Longer than Ever Before?

1 Jun

The Department of Labor recently reported that more Americans are working past age 65 than at any point since the agency started tracking worker longevity. The trend started to pick up in the 1990′s, and as the graph below from the Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrates, it’s stronger than ever.   In many ways, it [...]