Archive | May, 2016

Molehills or Mountains?

23 May

It’s been a long run for our current bull market, nearly 3,000 days. The longest ever to date is 3,452 days – a streak lasting from October 1990 to March 2000. We’re not there yet, but maybe we’ll get there. Of course, the flip side of longevity is fatigue, as some of us know! Well, [...]

Our Continuing Downward Growth Spiral

16 May

The world is flat in terms of economics and global business. Goods made there are sold here and vice versa. Supply chains literally wrap around the globe. Well now citizens and economies are behaving similarly. The Internal Monetary Fund calls it “cross-border economic integration.” To me, that’s a different way of saying an immigration crisis [...]


9 May

Last week I wrote about the bizarre disparity between the market and economic realities. Unfortunately, there continue to be several examples and they keep popping up anew. For instance, in mid-April the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped more than 350 points in a two-day span. That’s not necessarily surprising, market jumps and dips occur all [...]

Mind the Mixed Market Signals

2 May

Modern business is so complex. Back in the day, things like economic fundamentals drove the market. If a company produced a profit, generally the stock went up.  Today, not so much. And the reason has to be the complexity of our modern business world…right? I mean, how else can there be such a sharp disconnect between [...]