Archive | April, 2016

China’s Core Problems

25 Apr

I spoke about the big troubles with China’s stock market earlier this month, but the issues aren’t segregated to just the market and falling exports. No, China also has an import problem, decreased demand and labor unrest.¬†And they tie in together to create headaches all around. The country’s imports fell to their lowest levels in [...]

The Global Impacts of Chinese Troubles

18 Apr

The Chinese stock market is headed south. Our early 2016 drop was related to China, but we’ve rallied to recover since. The same can’t be said for China’s problems. Early 2016 forecasts for China indicated a 12.5 percent decline was in store. But the actual data from the beginning of this year shows decreases of [...]

Bad Fundamentals are No Fun

11 Apr

Last week I used a football metaphor to discuss Fed policy changes. It got me thinking further about the importance of fundamentals, both in sports and in business. Generally speaking, those with the best fundamentals are usually succeed. It’s true with athletes, sports teams and companies alike. Simply put, fundamentals are building blocks. That applies [...]

You Can’t Audible Out of Bad Policy

4 Apr

In football we see quarterbacks regularly audible, or change the original play, when they think the original idea won’t work. Those who do it often, like Peyton Manning, are often praised for their intelligence because they recognize a flaw and adjust. Too bad economic policy isn’t football, because maybe then the Fed’s regular interest rate [...]