Archive | December, 2015

The Stagnant Wage Boom

21 Dec

Recent employment reports (which are all the Fed seems to care about) show the continuation of an eight-year pattern – most of America’s new jobs are filled by workers aged 55 and up. Like I said, that’s nothing new. Since December 2007, 55 and older workers have gained more than 7.5 million jobs, while those [...]

Rate Rage on the Horizon?

14 Dec

Wall Street was yet again impressed with a jobs report (in October), reflecting a strengthening economy. Now we should see resulting Fed action to raise interest rates from their “emergency levels” – right? No and it’s a continuation of a long-standing pattern. Well, at some point rates will rise. Maybe December 2015, maybe later. And [...]

The $20 Trillion Man

7 Dec

Let’s talk about debt. Our national debt is exploding. This isn’t a partisan issue either – the problem spans more than 30 years and administrations from both parties. It’s just that the situation has been particularly bad recently. Consider that by the time President Obama is out of office, our national debt will have doubled [...]