Archive | November, 2015

Some Good Comes From Budget Deal

30 Nov

I’ve written before about how there would likely be no cost of living adjustment (COLA) in Social Security benefits for 2016. Well, it’s certain now – no COLA. This will mark only the third time since 1975 that there has been no COLA. And make no mistake, there are a lot of negatives stemming from [...]

The Fed Rate Freeze Continues

23 Nov

I sound like a broken record, but I’m just the messenger – the Fed failed to raise rates yet again. It seems like our central banking institution will use nearly anything as a reason to not increase the federal funds rate, which is still being held to “emergency” levels until the economy recovers. Lately, the [...]

New Budget Kills Two Valuable Retirement Planning Tools

16 Nov

Last week I wrote about President Obama’s latest budget, and today I want to focus on two significant Social Security strategies that will be eliminated as a result of that deal. The first is file-and-suspend, where couples could increase their overall benefits by voluntarily foregoing them up until age 70. Let’s look at a common [...]

Clink Clink Goes the Can Down the Road

9 Nov

The recent eleventh-hour budget deal will have some big repercussions for years to come, yet doesn’t do much to solve our debt problem. With a simple stroke of the pen, President Obama suspended the nation’s debt limit until 2017 and increased spending by $80 billion over two years. We’re now free to take on more [...]