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Wages Up, Jobs Down: An Increased Minimum Wage Could Harm Workers

26 Oct

We hear a lot of people lately speaking up on the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. But I’m not sure those people are considering the repercussions of such a pay hike. For many industries, higher wages are leading to more automation and less jobs. This is especially true in fast [...]

Social Security: Perception vs. Reality

19 Oct

A Nationwide Financial survey on Social Security from earlier this year yielded some interesting findings. It compared retirement perceptions and reality, and after reading the statistics, you’ll probably shudder like I did. If you take nothing more from this post make it this – save for retirement early and often!  Here we go, buckle up. [...]

The Downside of Living Longer

12 Oct

Normally longevity is good thing. Everyone wants to live a long life, right? Of course. But in the eyes of an actuary, longevity has a different meaning. The Society of Actuaries recently updated its mortality tables to reflect our increased life expectancies.  The below data show the updates for 65-year-olds: Sex Year Life Expectancy (years) [...]

The Flat-Line Fed

9 Oct

Another meeting at the Fed yields more of the same – nothing. Despite economic growth, the Fed is sticking to its stimulus program of low rates because of international economic uncertainty (i.e., China’s slowing growth) and falling commodities prices. At least we get new reasons (excuses?) for the inaction, right? However, the bottom line remains that [...]