Archive | September, 2015

Renter Nation

28 Sep

Is the American Dream of home ownership alive and well? A recent census report suggests it’s not. 63.4% of Americans own homes, which is the lowest rate since 1967. The data show that people are now renting more than buying. We’re becoming a nation of renters. Consider that more people ages 18-34 live at home with their [...]

Getting Out of the Growth Muck

21 Sep

We’re in a multi-decade slide in terms of economic growth.   That’s a hard trend to reverse, given its length and the inputs required to achieve a turnaround. Think about it, to really ramp up growth we’ll need workers to be more productive along with more workers (who will also have to be highly productive). [...]

2016 Probably Means No COLA

14 Sep

If you read my last post, you’d think I can’t get enough of the 2015 Trustees Report, the annual look at current and projected finances for Social Security and Medicare. But believe me, there is important information there about what being a retired American could mean in years to come. For instance, there will probably be no cost [...]

Doint Nothing Will Yield Nothing

11 Sep

Unless action is taken, the stark reality of sudden and severe benefit cuts could be around the corner for Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries. You can read all about it in the latest Trustees Report. It’s an annual examination of the current and projected financial status of both the Social Security and Medicare programs. Believe me, [...]