Archive | August, 2015

Are Budgets and Gold Values Linked?

24 Aug

While it was all the rage a few years ago, where is gold now? Nobody mentions it because it’s way down in value. Why? Well, people want to own gold when they think the government stops caring about the purchasing power of currency. When budget deficits get big, people worry about failed bond auctions, and the [...]

Potential Legal Changes That Could Affect Your Retirement

17 Aug

Much of my industry revolves around understanding financially-related laws and how to navigate them. As you can imagine, there are several ways to maximize retirement benefits, many of which the government considers “loopholes.” Unfortunately, some of the most popular strategies are under threat from proposed legislation. Here are three that could be off limits in [...]

Shifting Our Focus Could Jumpstart Growth

10 Aug

The economy isn’t growing as quick or as big as we’d like. We’re in the midst of the slowest economic recovery on record, marked by subpar growth. A boost to our GDP would help, and the two ways to do it are to have a bigger population (more workers) or increase productivity. Well, the population [...]