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Investment Returns, Strong Dollar on Course to Butt Heads

30 Mar

What do Applied Materials, Boeing, Coach, Ford, Intel, McDonald’s, Nike and Pfizer all have in common? Besides being in the S&P 500, they all do a lot of business outside the U.S. In fact, nearly half the firms in the S&P 500 get 46% of their sales and half their profits from business conducted internationally.  Global scale is [...]

Is Our Economy Losing Steam?

23 Mar

The January 2015 U.S. inflation data proved interesting. There is actually deflation, as marked by the 0.1% decrease in the inflation rate, resulting in lower prices.  When you have inflation, which is what everyone wants (to a degree), debt becomes cheaper because money is worth less over time. Prices also go up and wages usually follow.  One [...]

Beware Debt’s Slippery Slope

16 Mar

Public debt seems to be a global phenomenon, and that’s not a good thing. Recently, European debt grabbed the headlines with Greece leading the way. The most recent data shows a Greek government debt-to-GDP ratio of nearly 175-to-1! Greek GDP is down 25% and unemployment there stands at 25%, with youth unemployment at 50%. The solution seems to be [...]