Archive | February, 2015

Social Security Disability on a Dangerous Path

16 Feb

If projections are true, a potential disaster is on the horizon for the nearly 9 million disabled workers (and their spouses and dependents) receiving Social Security disability benefits.  That’s because the Disability Insurance Trust Fund that funds these benefits is on course to become insolvent in late 2016. The reasons for this situation are numerous and complex – [...]

America’s Entrepreneurship Problem

9 Feb

We hear a lot about start-ups and entrepreneurship in the media, but the fact is the American economy is becoming less entrepreneurial. The most important economic statistic I never hear the White House talk about is business creation relative to business contraction. It’s termed “business dynamism” by economists, and basically compares how many companies are born [...]

Economic Yin-Yang

2 Feb

We can’t stop talking about oil. Every day it seems we hear about prices, production, and of course the end result – paying less at the gas pump. And that’s great news for most Americans.  Last year oil prices had their largest annual drop since 2008. Why? To me, it comes down to supply and demand. And [...]