Archive | November, 2014

A Tale of Two Americas

24 Nov

  It’s an odd time here in the U.S. Why? Conflicting signals from the American populace. It seems it’s sunny skies and stormy weather at the same time! On one hand, our economy seems to be picking up. After all, the Consumer Confidence Index recently climbed to 94.5 and the Consumer Sentiment Index hit 86.9. Both of these measures [...]

Independence: Scotland Leaving England

17 Nov

This story monopolized the headlines globally, every time you turned on television, picked up the paper or looked to the internet, “Scotland Votes to Leave the UK.”   There have been some major concerns raised with Scotland attempting to leave the UK.  After all, it’s not it what means to England but to Europe as [...]

The Great Unwind: Enacting Things that Need to Be Done

10 Nov

Another recent report that I read said that 109.6 million Americans which translates to 35.4% of the population, live in households that receive benefits from one or more federally-funded Means-tested programs – also known as welfare. In 2012, there were 103 million full-time year-round workers in the United States, so therefore welfare recipients outnumbered full-time [...]

August Unemployment Report

3 Nov

I get a lot of reports from economists, and one that continues to haunt me is the August Unemployment Report provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It was a pretty big disappointment! According to the August Unemployment Report, the percentage of Americans working or looking for work was at a 36-year low. People are [...]