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Is the Roth always greener?

28 Jul

As the Kiplinger Tax Letter points out, with tax reform on the back burner, it is going to be much tougher to decide on Roth IRA conversions. The key to a Roth conversion is having a sense of what future tax rates are going to be—at least having a decent sense of what the trends [...]

Supreme changes

21 Jul

A recent unanimous Supreme Court ruling found that inherited IRAs are not protected under Federal bankruptcy law. This is a significant development—and not just because of the judicial unicorn of all nine justices managing to agree about something. First a little background: In 2005, President Bush signed the bankruptcy act, which was designed to make [...]

The annuity option

14 Jul

In my last post, I discussed the dangers of letting a low-interest environment prompt you to risk your savings in a volatile and likely overpriced stock market. Fortunately, there are options available beyond simply sticking your money in the bank for a miserably small return or exposing yourself to unnecessary market risk. One in particular, [...]

Taking stocks

7 Jul

Considering the underwhelming performance of the economy, which has mostly limped along for the last two years, we are in the midst of a remarkable run for the stock market. Consider this: in 2013, the market set around 40 all-time highs! And we’ve had a little over half that number of all-time highs already in [...]