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Seth Klarman: The bulls and the bears

17 May

In a recent post, I unpacked some quotes from a much-discussed investor letter from investing guru Seth Klarman. Because I think his perspective is sound and his advice is, at the very least, worth listening to, I think it’s worth digging in a little deeper to some of the ideas he has expressed in the [...]

Seth Klarman: Most people are not ready for risk

12 May

Quotes from a recent investor letter sent out by reclusive and respected investor Seth Klarman has generated a lot of buzz in some circles. His perspective is intriguing, insightful, and at times provocative. The theme of his letter, which was captured well in a summary article penned by Mark Melin, is that the Quantitative Easing [...]

The growth in China is slowing down

5 May

For a long time now, economists and financial analysts alike have pointed to China’s explosive growth as one of the most rapid and noteworthy periods of economic expansion in human history. But in a recent weekly newsletter from John Mauldin, I think he makes a fairly strong case that, contrary to being a world financial [...]