Archive | April, 2014

Janet Yellen’s first moves

28 Apr

It’s no surprise that Janet Yellen is going to be under heightened scrutiny during her first few public appearances, and the tea-leaf reading and intensive interpretation are in full swing. To me, her first extended public statements as Fed Chief were fascinating: she seemed less inclined to set specific standards and metrics, and instead talked [...]

Ongoing European issues

21 Apr

I’ve touched on the volatile and worrying fragility of European markets in the past, pointing out what the dire implications might be for U.S. and global markets when the bill on Europe’s borrowing exuberance comes due. Anyone that has been paying attention to the headlines over the past few months probably wouldn’t be surprised to [...]

Tax Season

14 Apr

With tax season upon us, it’s now clear that the policies put in place as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations are having a real impact—and taxpayers are facing some sticker shock. High earners in particular are facing some significant new tax burdens, making it all the more important to be strategic and savvy about [...]