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Ben Bernanke’s legacy

23 Dec

I recently read a though-provoking no-holds-barred post mortem on Ben Bernanke’s tenure at the head of the Fed, and it’s safe to say that, no matter what you think about Bernanke’s strategies, some of the issues the author brought up really do have some worrying implications for the country’s economic future. The piece describes the [...]

Mutual fund secrets

16 Dec

I recently read a fascinating report entitled: “The secret that mutual fund companies don’t want you to know” that outlined some of the issues surrounding a statistic known as “drawdown”. Essentially, drawdown is a number that measures the percentage drop from a fund’s investment high to its investment low. The problem is that mutual fund [...]

Economic effects of the federal government shutdown: Part 2

9 Dec

What does it mean for the economy that we have been unable to reach any kind of long-term deal or sustainable budget solution? I hate to say it, because I really do feel like a broken record, but we are just continuing to kick these issues down the road. Nothing has been resolved, and there [...]

Economic effects of the federal government shutdown: Part 1

2 Dec

The government shutdown in October may have only lasted 16 days, but the fallout from the closure will be felt in our economy for a long time to come. While it’s heartening to see that the third quarter GDP numbers came in slightly higher than some analysts had projected, there is almost no way that [...]