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The best of the worst

19 Aug

I did a radio show recently on the 10 worst money moves for near-retirees. If you want the full list, here’s a link to the show, but here are the “best” of the worst—the worst three money moves that those approaching retirement can make: #1 Doing things the “same old way” When it comes to [...]

Retirement savings strategies

12 Aug

I recently had the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about the best retirement savings strategies in an up-and-down economy in the Delaware County Times. The piece, entitled Having the right savings strategy critical today, appeared on Thursday, July 11: ( While I encourage anyone who is interested to read the whole article, here [...]

Are stocks still cheap?

5 Aug

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows my worries about stocks being overvalued. For some time now, I’ve been pointing out that the market’s current heights are likely to be unsustainable. In the interests of fairness, it’s worth pointing out that, while I have cautioned (and continue to caution) investors about the dangers of a [...]