Archive | July, 2013

Fed: up?

29 Jul

There has been a lot of speculation and tea-leaf-reading with regard to who is going to be named as the new Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers is one name that has been brought up quite a bit, and he would certainly be a stark contrast (at least from a personality/style [...]

Motor City runs out of gas

22 Jul

Most people have no doubt seen the headlines by now: Detroit, an iconic American city that was at one point the fourth largest city in the nation, has officially gone bankrupt. In many ways, the filing is simply a formality, the roots of the Motor City’s economic woes go back a long way. One of [...]

Bullish on annuities

8 Jul

I recently had the privilege of appearing on The Savvy Investor, a weekly syndicated half-hour financial advice program hosted by Mike Canet. I had a great time talking to Mike, and the show gave me an opportunity to touch on a range of issues that I feel are going to be of interest to investors [...]

Sequence of inflation

1 Jul

Most experts and analysts agree that we are likely approaching a new period of inflationary growth. One of the problems with this as it relates to retirement savings is that people frequently use a 3% rate of inflation to calculate their long-term retirement strategies. The reality is that, historically speaking, this is very low. In [...]