Archive | June, 2013

Wall Street vs. leading indicators: a worrisome disconnect

24 Jun

To anyone paying close attention to our nation’s financial situation, one of the unmistakable patterns that seems to be developing in the last year or so is that stocks keep heading up while the leading financial indicators remain comparatively uninspiring. Needless to say, any time we see the markets booming despite underlying fundamentals that seem [...]

Obama’s budget: a new IRA cap?

17 Jun

One of the head-scratching details buried in President Obama’s new budget proposal that was unveiled in April is a proposed cap on the amount of money that any one person can save in IRAs, 401(k)s and other similarly structured retirement accounts. There is some minor haggling over what that cap would be (the administration says [...]

Not-so-fringe benefits

10 Jun

For most retirees, Social Security benefits are a significant part of their income strategy. In fact, Social Security accounts for roughly 40% of all retirement benefits in the U.S. The issue that most retirees face, however (and one that I am often called upon to help with in an advisory role with my clients) is [...]

A sandwich that’s tough to swallow

3 Jun

These days I see more and more couples who have become part of what some are calling the “sandwich generation”: those who are supporting adult children as well as their own elderly parents. In this economy, it’s happening more and more frequently. Needless to say, that kind of double-barreled financial burden can place a strain [...]