Archive | April, 2013

Is the government lying to us about inflation?

29 Apr

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has been in the news quite a bit lately. One CPI data point that seems to me to have not gotten as much discussion and attention as it deserved was the announcement that CPI jumped an unexpected 0.7% in February. This is an alarming spike: the highest monthly increase since [...]

Say goodbye to the 4% rule

22 Apr

No matter what the specifics of your retirement planning and savings strategy, no matter what kind of investments you make and how much you decide to sock away, there is really only big question that needs to be answered: will it be enough? That’s what everyone fundamentally wants to know. Am I saving enough? Will [...]

Stock market musical chairs

15 Apr

The stock market has gotten a lot of media coverage recently, setting a series of all-time highs and sparking a debate about whether we’ve finally reached a meaningful economic recovery. Driving that debate is the increasingly obvious disconnect between Wall Street profits and the sense that, outside of the financial markets, the situation remains somewhat [...]

Forget the Fiscal Cliff, the deeper canyon is demographic

1 Apr

Let’s do the math: 2+1.9-2=less than 2. The U.S. has been trending toward smaller families for generations, but the problem is becoming more acute. Population growth is a significant driver of economic growth, so when families have less children, it creates a negative cycle. Developed countries generally have lower birth rates than developing countries, but [...]