Archive | March, 2013

Tales of the sandwich generation

25 Mar

Many baby boomers find themselves in a rather uncomfortable financial position. Just when they were planning to arrive at retirement—their finish line—many have stepped in to help a struggling parent, adult child, or both. While these situations are never ideal, smart boomers are coming up with some creative ways to make the most of the [...]

State of the Union: Reality Check

18 Mar

As politicians congratulate themselves for saving the country from another self-inflicted crisis (even as the next one looms ahead), we as investors need to take a step back and understand, for our own financial well-being, the true state of our economy. There’s no way to sugar coat it: We’ve been through a rough time. January [...]

With prices rising, is it time for a bond boom or bust?

11 Mar

As of Feb. 22, the 10 year Treasury bond yield has risen nearly 30% from its all-time low last July: from 1.404% to 1.965%. As rates have risen, prices have fallen and will most likely continue to fall. What does it mean for the average investor? Proceed with caution. This could be a sign that [...]

Riding the political roller coaster

4 Mar

While Congress managed to avert fiscal disaster with a last-minute deal in December, many of the same budget cuts loom on the horizon for March 1. The difference is, this time around, Congress doesn’t seem too worried about the impact. For years, our federal government has denied the fact that we have a spending problem. [...]